Official Results 


Lonac         6:28.1         HORSECOW "A"

John           6:29.1         HORSECOW "A"

Duke          6:29.6         HORSECOW "A"

Lars           6:58.9         WVTC

Jak             9:03.5        HORSECOW "A"

Tim            9:28.0        HORSECOW "B"

Fricken       9:54.1         HORSECOW "B"

Peco          10:58.0       HORSECOW  "B"

Fat Cooley  11:25.6       HORSECOW (with penalty lap) "B"

Ferrets        DNF          HORSECOW "A"

Puddin'       DNS          Horsecow "B"


Total HCOW Team Time: 37:58.3




First 10 min video

Second 2 min video


Acquired Official Designation


Horsecow may have won had we split the team better but since Grass DNFed and Puddin' DNSed Horsecow didn't have a team of 5 finish (2 teams of 4, what bad planning).  So since neither West Valley nor HCOW fielded a team of 5, the race has been declared a tie by the judges and we demand a rematch!




Welcome to Horsecow Beermileycyrus 2009




The Date


November 28, 2009   -   The Saturday after Thanksgiving


The Time



Gun goes off at 4 PM.   Better plan on arriving at 3:30 so you don't get a late start.


The Place


American River Junior College




From San Francisco


Basically from about 2 miles northeast of the I-80 business 80 interchange you take the Madison Ave Exit.

Go East on Madison and turn right on College Oak (2nd stop light?)

You'll see the JC on your left after another mile

The track is at the South end of the campus, near the intersection of Winding and College Oak


The Battle



WVTC, should they choose to attend, will be defending their Beer Championship Title against against the upstart team of shamblers, Horsecow, and any others who want a piece.


Representing Horsecow                    Representing WVTC                    Representing the Rebels


             Fats Tooley                                           Blitz Schmitz                                                                

                 Duke                                                Charlesworth?                                    

              Le Gooch                                                                         

               Hot Karl                                                                          








  (maybe merns ringer cow)                                                                              




The Rules


All rules will be obeyed to achieve "official" times and give participants a chance at fame and glory.


The Team Scoring


While crosss country scoring is interesting and will probably be examined as well, the Beermile Champion Team Title can only be taken away by the team who has the lowest cumulative time for their top 5 finishers.


Previous Match Up


Race Wife Beaters


While there is no entry fee for BeerMileyCyrus, 3 styles of wife beater are available for purchase @ $5 a piece.  To prevent confusion front and back designs have been provided, as well as images of how good you'll look wearing one.  To secure one for yourself either send an email to duke or post on this forum the size, style, and quantity you'd like.  



* Most likely they won't turn out looking quite this crisp so don't get your hopes up.